Rhonda B Studios Is Now A Difiaba Salon

Rhonda B Studios is focused on providing high quality hair care products for clients that meet a variety of needs not met by typical "off the shelf" products sold at other retailers and is now proud to offer Difiaba in addition to Pureology.

Our focus is to provide products that are:
  • Color safe
  • Sulfite, Sulfate & formaldehyde free
  • Has little or no sodium chloride
  • Designed for specific hair types
  • Packaged in recycled and/or recyclable containers
  • Packed in BPA & BPB free containers
  • Natural and/or organic based ingredients
  • Highly concentrated requiring less of the product
Why is it important to look for color safe, sulfite/sulfate free & sodium chloride free products?

Products in this category offer superior performance in maintaining color treated hair, extending intervals between color treatments and help to improve the overall condition of your hair.

Why should I be concerned about products that contain formaldehyde, BPA/BPB and other chemicals?

Many of these chemicals are know carcinogens even in extremely small quantities, others can have detrimental effects on a person's endocrine system (BPA/BPB) as well as cause allergic reactions for people who are sensitive to certain chemicals.